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We are unique

We are the only joinery in the Czech Republic that can produce authentic replicas of historical furniture.

We stick exactly to the historical period, we know how to distinguish between Czech and French Baroque so that the result is completely authentic.

For each order we will prepare a high-quality project documentation with every detail of the carving drawn in the drawing.

We also supply larger interiors, including the furnishing of entire buildings: chateaus, historic mansions, such as the Grand Hotel in Uherské Hradiště.

Custom historical furniture

Each piece of furniture is unique. Each piece starts with your idea. Idea crafted into an authentic replica of a historical piece of furniture, or an original piece of furniture inspired by a specific historical style. Want to know more? Read our ordering step by step.

Our work is not focused on a single piece of furniture. Full historical interiors are our specialty: we furnish castles and chateaus, historical mansions, or ancient buildings.  Sofa beds, richly engraved cabinets, carved mirrors, paneled ceilings, hunting trophies. We create every detail with respect to the place, historical era, and your needs.

Stylish restaurants, coffee houses, libraries, antique bookshops, barrister offices, golf clubs – those are the places where we recreate history with furniture.

MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Kvalitní Originální Tradiční

Social responsibility

We respect mother nature. We respect the material. We respect our employees. We respect each other. Ourselves. These are the core values of the MAT business.

Respect is important. Respect for the accuracy of the historical period. Respect for the world that surrounds us. Respect for rules, norms, and ethics.

  • We use only timber that meets all legal requirements of Indonesia and the EU.
  • We renew our legal timber certification each year. We also hold the FLEGT License.
  • Gentle finishing touch is important. We use eco-friendly, non-toxic oils and paints. 
  • Our furniture has a soul. Hand-crafted. Hand-carved, hand-gilded, hand-finished.
  • We can appreciate good work. We employ some of the best carvers and carpenters and give them a fair wage – way higher than average in their field. We are against “cheap work”.

We are unique

We create authentic replicas of historical furniture. And we mean authenticity. We will study every detail of your desired historical period. Style used in your specific country, for a specific occasion. We understand nuances, e.g. between baroque style in Bohemia and France, and apply them to our work.

To achieve true authenticity and reflect your ideas and wishes, we write project documentation with every detail of the carving.

We specialize in complete historical interiors including the furnishing of buildings, such as castles, historical mansions, restaurants, or hotels.

Our story

This is a story of two friends from the heart of Europe.

Martin and Tomas. M & T. MAT.

We are two guys from the Czech Republic.

Born in Czechoslovakia.

Our country has the highest density of castles in the world.

And each castle is full of historical furniture. Exquisite, robust, delicate, antique furniture.

Tomas happens to know everything about carpentry. . For decades.

Martin happens to be a born businessman. He knows his products. He traveled the world.

One hot summer evening, and Martin met in a famous bar in Semarang.

The year was 2015.

Tomas was talking about historical furniture, good craftsmanship and interior design. Martin was listening.

Suddenly, they got an idea.

Let’s combine the unique craftsmanship of Tomas with business skills of Martin. Let’s promote our skills throughout the globe.

And just like that, MAT interiors were born.

We are MAT. Czech company that creates authentic replicas of antique furniture and historical interiors.

Who we are?

Martin: project manager and a businessman, who found his purpose in hand-crafted furniture.

Tomas: carpenter and upholsterer. His destiny is to make furniture. He has been designing, carving, and upholstering furniture since the 1990s. He learned craftsmanship from the best. His eye for detail, knowledge of nuances in historical periods and love for wood make him an exceptional professional.

Master Joko: A Legend. Mr. craftsman. Experienced, patient, precise.

Ashep: A great designer from Indonesia, very experienced drafter and leader of his team.

Nurul: beating heart of our company. When we design, carve, and sell, she takes care of the rest. Tracks deadlines, answers emails, pays invoices and does all the paperwork.

Talented Indonesian carvers and carpenters: Soul of the company. Honest craftsmen. Their talent and hard work are reflected in each of our handcrafted pieces of furniture.


We export replicas of historical furniture to three continents

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Great Britain, Russia, the USA, UAE, or Taiwan. Those are some countries where we recreate history with furniture. All our work is unique. Just to give you some examples of our custom furniture:

  • Hand-carved game trophies in the U.S.A.
  • A luxurious villa in the U.A.E., furnished entirely with our hand carved furniture
  • Neogothic ceilings and wooden panels, baroque chairs, carved bars and interior elements for Czech castles and chateaus
  • Replica of antique furniture hidden inside a hypermodern skyscraper in Taiwan

We are proud that…

  • We can create complete hand-crafted historical interiors, including paneling, wooden statuettes and statues, or carved wooden chandeliers. 
  • Each piece is a complete original. 
  • Before we start carving, we will present you with comprehensive technical documentation. 
  • Each piece is carefully hand-made. 
  • We love stylish furniture. Furniture with a specific, spot-on historical style. We respect the historical period, purpose and setting of each piece. We never create kitschy blends of styles without historical accuracy.  
  • We respect your idea. We will discuss each part of your furniture individually in great detail. 
  • Worry-free delivery. Not only we will create the furniture of your dreams, but we will also arrange for the delivery and installation.
  • We protect nature. All timber is legally harvested. We go beyond the legal requirements. Our finishings are safe and nature-friendly.
  • Respect for others. We respect our workers, no matter where they perform their tasks. Our carpenters and cabinet makers from Indonesia receive a fair wage.
  • We have years of experience. Although MAT interiéry was born in 2015, Tomas has been creating custom historical furniture since the 1990s.

Types of wood

Not sure what type of wood to pick? We will discuss the details during your ordering process.

You can be sure that we pick the right material suited for the historical period (including the specific location) and purpose. Our wood is always of high quality, appropriate to its purpose, and legally harvested.

Most common hardwood we use:

Ordering step by step

Beauty takes time. More so beautiful furniture with a unique soul. We don’t deliver ready-made products. But if you are patient, you will receive a beautifully carved mirror, richly decorated cabinet table or an interior of your trophy room customed spot-on to your wishes.

MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Návrh

Write us that you want hand-crafted furniture

Trouble describing your idea? No problem! Send us an Instagram link, sketch a picture on a coffee napkin, or simply let us know your favorite historical period. We will manage!

MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Návrh a Revize

What will help us?

  • Tell us about your style. Do you prefer strong and heavy gothic furniture or richly engraved baroque style? Do you have a favorite place and time in history?
  • Where will you put it? Use matters. To adopt furniture to your needs, we need to know if you need just home décor, or a heavily used restaurant sofa. Or maybe an original gift?
  • Do you have a favorite type of wood? Let us know!
  • Have you seen something similar? Send us a picture, a link, or maybe tell us the name of the movie where you have seen it.
MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Design

We will polish up your idea

We put your idea on paper. But first, we will discuss, draw, add, delete, and adjust, until we put your exact idea on paper. And we just make it.

MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Kalkulace

We will agree on the price and delivery date

Now we precisely know what you wish for and how to create it. It is time for business: we will send you the price and delivery date.

MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Průběh realizace

We will carve history into furniture

And then you just wait for your dreams to come true. To make your wait shorter, you can ask us for photos of the work-in-progress. And don’t worry – once the furniture is completed, it will be safely delivered and, if you wish so, also installed.

MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Instalace

Don’t want to wait?

Sometimes we make showcase furniture. In this case, you can simply pick and order.


DM Indonesia s.r.o.

IČ: 04253523 , DIČ: CZ04253523

Workshop – Czech Republic:
Mniší 49, Kopřivnice

Manufacturing plant – Indonesia:
Jl. Jend. Urip Sumoharjo Semarang – Kendal KM.16,4, Semarang

Company headquarters:
Rybná 716/24, Staré Město, Praha, Czech Republic